4 Wealth Building Opportunities Waiting for You at eXp Realty

With These 4 Opportunities eXp Realty Would Help You Reach Your Highest Potential and Build Wealth Like No Other Brokerage.

4 Wealth Building Opportunities Waiting for You at eXp Realty

eXp is revolutionizing the Real Estate Brokerage model with its forward-thinking, agent-centric vision. 

To put it simply, eXp is laser focused on Agent Success and to that end, eXp has taken the traditional real estate brokerage playbook and shattered it into tiny pieces. They have eradicated the “special deals” for some agents, thereby creating a level playing field for Agents of all caliber and abilities. Gone are the brick-and-mortar offices which have been replaced with FREE co-working spaces worldwide. 

Instead what you will find is a highly collaborative environment, a friendly company culture, flexibility to operate a scalable business at a low cost,  cutting-edge tools for productivity, 5000 free Marketing templates, eXp apps on your phone that will allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world at any time of the time- suitable to your schedule and, of course,  multiple WEALTH-BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES that you will learn about below. 


The Agent Equity Plan at eXp Realty is an incredible opportunity for eXp Agents to become Agent-owners of the company, without spending a dime (isn’t that a bonus!) Agents are awarded or can earn shares of eXp World Holdings stock( EXPI: Nasdaq ticker) after the following milestones:

  • Close your first transaction each year with eXp Realty, awarded $200 worth of EXPI stock
  • Fully Cap each year, awarded $400 worth of EXPI stock
  • Attract a real estate agent to eXp and that agent closes their first deal with eXp Realty (one-time only), awarded $400 worth of EXPI stock

Benefit to You?

So you can save for retirement, a “rainy day” fund, save an “emergency fund” for your family, save for a child’s University education  or maybe that Investment property down south that you would like to retire to.  Can you imagine what it would be like to earn money that you can save as a bonus to doing what you love- selling real estate.


eXp Realty is ONE, Big Brokerage. It is not a franchise. It is one big international brokerage. Therefore, there are no costly overhead fees, no desk fees, no franchise fees, no royalty fees, and no borders, as it is ONE company with 82,000+ Agent partners in 22 countries around the world.

Benefit to You?

So you can invest back into your business. Reinvestment is the single most important thing you can do with profits and money saved, as it will help your business grow. It’s one thing to be working IN your business daily with clients,  but another even more crucial aspect to your business is to invest in it — and keep growing it. eXp Realty provides you with the tools, the savings and the stock awards  to take the steps to grow your real estate business to the next level and one day soon, we’ll see you take your place on the ICON list and Top Agent/ Top Team in your country.


At eXp Realty, there are a few ways to structure your team that will not only help you grow and expand your reach, but will also help your bottom line!⁠ (and isn’t that the key to business profitability).

Traditional Team 

The Traditional team structure is the most common and widely used in the real estate industry. At eXp, the team leader has a $16K cap (with an 80/20 commission split) and the Agent Team members have the benefit of a half cap of $8,000. The agents on the team pay a minimum commission split of 75 / 25 to the team leader for all of their transactions in addition to contributing to their annual eXp cap. ⁠

Mega Icon Team 

If you join eXp with a large team of 10+ agents, the Mega Icon Team structure at eXp Realty is an incredible opportunity both for the Team Leader and the Team members. Each agent on the team has a quarter cap of just $4,000 and like the traditional eXp team structure, the team leader’s cap remains at $16,000. ⁠With a full cap of $16,000, the Team Leader has the opportunity to reach ICON Agent status and receive the $16,000 paid to eXp back in stock awards.

Self-Organized Team 

This eXp Team Structure is an additional option for those Leaders who would prefer to keep things small or perhaps offer a more customized structure to Agents who wish to partner with them. This eXp Realty team structure may work well for Agents/Brokers who are just starting or continuing a small team or partnership. Under this structure, all of the agents in the “group” pay the regular $16,000 annual cap (80/20 commission split) and there is no minimum commission split that needs to be shared with the team leader. ⁠This can be decided on an individual basis among the “team partners”.

Benefit to You?

So you can go into those new markets you want to take over without the concern of referral fees or dealing with different brokerages. Imagine having your sign and branding in different States or Provinces, without additional costs to you- how amazing would that be!

Furthermore, by having the flexibility of different team structures, you can attract more agent partners and cater to what they need and want to grow their businesses.


In addition to all the technology tools, forward-thinking business platform and great commission splits that eXp Realty offers, the one thing that separates eXp from other traditional real estate brokerages in the country is the incredible eXp Revenue Share program.

eXp Realty Revenue Share is an exciting opportunity for real estate agents, brokers, and team leaders from all over the country to build an additional stream of income while still doing what they love to do- Selling Real Estate and earning commissions.

eXp Realty Revenue Share is a percentage of revenue that agents earn for attracting an agent who is productive selling real estate and earning commissions at eXp.

The extraordinary part of the eXp Revenue Share program is that it is paid by eXp Realty from THEIR percentage of the commission split, the 20%! This is unheard of in the real estate industry- that a Brokerage would be sharing its revenue back to the Agents. 

Click Here to get the Revenue Breakdown Chart from Katharine Loucaidou.

Benefit to You?

Not only does the Revenue Share  program help Agents build their “rainy day”, emergency or retirement investment fund, but it has also created an unmatchable company culture where everyone wants to help one another collaborate on building successful real estate businesses and share successful business strategies. 

Furthermore, eXp provides you the opportunity to create the epitome of a wealth building activity- creating a passive income stream and eventually step out of production, while still generating revenue. You actually get to step off the “hamster wheel” of transactions, and get paid while you sleep.

Now, more than ever, in a changing Market environment, it is time to focus on YOU, your business, your family and your well being. It’s not often that you hear of real estate company where YOU the agent have ownership AND the ability to build wealth opportunities that will not only support you and your family, but your team members and team partners as well, but eXp is proving it can happen! 

So what are you waiting for? This is your sign. The opportunity you have been searching for. Sign Up Today

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