8 Reasons Why eXp Realty is Different From Other Real Estate Brokerages

This honest answer comes from my own experience as a seasoned, Top-Producing Realtor/Brokerage Owner/Team Leader/ Coach/Speaker

What Makes eXp Realty Different

I felt the IMPACT of eXp Realty shortly after joining the company and attending their eXp CONFERENCE, the following month. It just felt different there.  I had heard the phrase from many Realtors who had been at the company for a few years, “Once you see it, you can’t un-see it!” Well, I would have to add on to that statement, “Once you feel the difference, you can’t un-feel it!”

I have been in the Real Estate industry for almost 14 years. Previous to Real Estate, I was a University Professor. I started my Real Estate career at Big Brand Franchises and I also OWNED my own Independent Real Estate Brokerage with 2 offices. However, something was very different at eXp Realty.

Everything felt easier. No Egos. No Drama. No “hey look at me I’m the best”; just the sharing of knowledge and collaboration of tips and strategies that work.

If I had to put a word to the feeling I had, it would be “WE”.  

The phrase I heard the most at the eXp Conference of over 5500 attendees was: “How can WE help you?”

No one asked me for anything; they only asked how they could help me grow? 

Trust me; I was skeptical for a very long time and picked this real estate model and company apart, month after month. 

Forward-Thinking, Agent-Centric Model

And after endless hours of searching, speaking to people and exploring every part of their model, I discovered that it is the most Forward-thinking, Agent-Centric, Problem-solving, Collaborative, Profitable Real Estate Company I have ever encountered in the Industry.

It may not be the right fit for everyone, but for someone who is Open Minded, wants to think bigger, think outside the traditional business model of selling real estate, to be surrounded with people who are disrupting the industry while changing lives and who want to create a retirement/ exit plan for themselves and their family, THIS is the place.

Cloud-Based’ Brokerage

A cloud-based brokerage is a fancy name for a simple solution to a Realtor’s business. It means all of your systems, training and education are online, so that you can access it 24/7 from anywhere in the world, anytime that is convenient to you. You don’t have to worry or stress about whether you live in proximity to the Real Estate Brokerage’s physical location, or what the hours of operation are. eXp is always open for you to grow your business, expand your knowledge, network and even attend training sessions at any hour, at the click of a button.

Having no Brick and Mortar physical office means you’re also not being charged Office and Desk fees monthly. A huge savings back to you and your family.

The Most Collaborative Real Estate Company in the World with 82,000+ Agents and Counting…

To be an Agent-Owner and an integral part of a company where the eXp business partners on a team, and in the Agent Community all have the same equal opportunities is a Game Changer in this industry. Not only does this opportunity accelerate growth and breed success, but the playing field has been levelled. All Agents, regardless of their years in business can grow their business through ownership opportunities and passive income. 

The relationship between Realtors is likened to a Community rather than a company of Real Estate Agents. Collaboration over Competition is what sets eXp Realty apart from the rest. Collaborating with Realtors locally and globally, can help solve problems in an Agent’s business that they didn’t even know existed. This, in turn will launch the growth and success of the Agent’s BRAND and their business.

A Retirement Plan vs. a Hamster Wheel 

At some point in time as Realtors, we will stop selling real estate. Then what? 

What happens when the income from transactions stops flowing in monthly, yearly? Where will that leave you financially? Where will that leave your kids or grandkids?

eXp Realty understands this is a concern for Realtors and created the Revenue-sharing Model. They want to facilitate Realtors building a stream of income that would pay them throughout retirement and thereafter. This revenue share model has been a game-changer in my business and to my bank account. Imagine a Real Estate Company paying YOU, instead of you paying them!

Earning Back Everything You Paid? Really?

eXp Realty offers a Commission Cap structure that not only allows Agents and Top Producing Realtors/Teams who sell 20, 25, 40, 50, 200 or 1000 homes a year to cap at $16,000 but it also gives the incentive to work harder to earn Stock rewards to help build their family’s future wealth. The FULL Cap of $16,000 is returned to the Agent in stock awards upon becoming an ICON agent. (Based on Production level)

Selling Real Estate without Boundaries and Borders

Imagine growing your real estate business and team without boundaries or borders.

ONE Cap, ONE Transaction system, ONE Marketing platform, ONE Training platform, no matter whether you sell real estate in Canada, United States or any of the 19 other countries around the world that eXp Realty continues to expand into. Isn’t working smarter not harder, without borders, the way everyone should be doing business?

What does eXp stand for?

eXp Realty Founder, Glenn Sanford, loved that it was a prefix for many of the words that represent the culture and values at eXp Realty.  A few examples include:  eXceptional, eXperts, eXcellence, eXpectations, eXposure, eXponential and many others.

At eXp Realty We Rise by Lifting Others. 

I wanted to be at a company where people are encouraged and happy to share what works for them, because when one person wins, everyone wins. Isn’t that a better way to build a thriving real estate business that will withstand the test of time and Market environments.

What’s The Next Step for You…

If you’re serious about your business and want to take it to the next level, whether you want to grow your team, grow your individual business, or you are just getting started in real estate, I would like to connect with you to learn more about you.

If we are the right fit, I will show you how our Community, realestate-reimagined.ca at eXp could help with your growth, the growth of your team and the growth of your financial future.

Let’s build success together.  Book a Zoom chat with Katharine today.

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