How eXp Realty Does It Better for New Agents , Explained By a Past Brokerage Owner.

Is eXp Realty a Good Fit for New Agents?

As a Broker, International Real Estate Coach, Speaker and Trainer, past Brokerage owner, and a Top-Producing Realtor who was once a “NEW AGENT”, I can say with 100% certainty that eXp Realty has the best new agent training in the Real Estate industry.

New real estate agents and new real estate program licensees have the same fears, concerns  and questions when entering his new career path:

What Real Estate Brokerage should I choose?
How do I choose my Real Estate Brokerage?

How do I start?

Where do I begin my real estate training?

Who will teach me what I need to know?

How will get get clients?

Who will be there to answer my questions?

What do I do everyday? Is there a guide?

Don’t worry, at eXp Realty, and in my Real Estate, Re-imagined eXp Partner Community, we have got you covered.

 eXp offers the FastStart training program for new agents, as well as new agent masterminds, and 80+ hours of live training each week, which you can attend virtually from your phone or computer, wherever you happen to be in the world. 

eXp Realty Ontario offers a “New Agent Bootcamp” where Agents with less than 3 transactions in their portfolio of work,  will attend a virtual meeting once a week and learn:

-The basics of lead generation

-Most used Contracts, the flow of a Listing and a real estate transaction, Tips to keep you “safe” and ethical

-Trouble areas for agents, FINTRAC, privacy policies & ethics

-All about eXp’s online business platform, paperless filing, the customer management system, your website and so much more…

Agents will also have the opportunity to participate in the 100 Days to Greatness course (I highly recommend this!)

And there’s more…

New agents can also participate in the New Re-vamped Mentorship program where they are paired with a local mentor that works with them on their first three transactions (and beyond if you’d like) for a small mentor fee. As a new agent at eXp, you have such a great support system with your broker, mentor, and sponsor and you always have someone to answer your questions and help get your business off the ground.

Once you experience the eXp Community, the collaboration, the training, the amazing partners and the support, you will never look back.

Ready to start your real estate career with the best forward-thinking Real Estate company?

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