Everything about eXp Realty

Welcome to EXP Realty! A Real Estate Brokerage unlike any
other in the world.

Everything about eXp Realty

An Overview

This is an overview of one of the most innovative real estate brokerage models today. A global community designed, powered and owned by our agents and partners. Transforming the real estate experience, a family of agents build their own businesses while having equity opportunities in EXP World Holdings.

As technology has transformed entertainment, hospitality, transportation and retail, it’s now transforming the real estate industry.

There’s been little to no innovation with the old-fashioned real estate models. Franchise brokerages all start with the company at the top, which feeds down to regions, followed by offices or market centers, followed by a local manager or team leader. The focus was on the brokerage and their brand, not on the agent and their business.

The Evolution of the Traditional Old-Fashioned Brokerage

The evolution of real estate brokerages has always been driven by how agents get paid. This can be clearly seen with EXP’s growth compared to old fashioned models. At EXP Realty, we’ve eliminated old fashioned systems by removing franchises, territories, brick and mortar and redundant layers of management. By doing this, we’ve created opportunity to give equity back to the agents and have made the agent the focal point of their business. We do this by having multiple income opportunities within our model and leveraging our fully immersive cloud office environment where agents enjoy 24/7 access to State of the Art collaborative tools, coaching, support and socialization.

Record-Breaking Growth

Exp Realty continues to experience consistent, record breaking year over year growth with a mission to reach 1 million agents globally, and remain the most profitable real estate company worldwide.

How Did it All Begin?

It all began in the United States in 2009 and quickly expanded into Canada. EXp Realty is the brainchild of Glenn Sanford, the founder, visionary and innovator. He saw a need for a Real Estate brokerage model that would transform the traditional brokerage mold into a more agent-centric model that would focus on provide the Agent with all of the systems, tools and network to expand and grow with the freedom to become as highly productive and successful as they wished without limitation.

EXP Realty worked tirelessly perfecting the model over the first 10 years, laying the foundation for our global expansion. Our international footprint now expands over 6 of the 7 continents into 22 countries.

Core Values

Our core values define our culture and ensure decisions are always aligned. Being agile allows us to make adjustments and pivot at any time for our agents and their clients.


Website and CRM – KV Core

Exp is at the forefront of technology. Every agent gets their own Lead Generation CRM system called Kv Core. For a non- exp Agent, it could cost over $5,000 a year. This industry leading system provides you with a behavioral driven personalized IDX website, CRM, email and text campaigns. You’ll always be notified of your contacts behavior, helping you convert and close more transactions.

Business Management – Skyslope

Skyslope another one of our forward-thinking systems allows agents to manage their business totally paperless. This all-in- one transaction management system helps you to effortlessly stay organized with your transactions. All of your important data is contained on one detailed checklist so you have everything in one place.

Back Office Intelligent Dashboard

One of our top priorities at eXp is building our own technology. Our back Office Business Intelligence Center gives agents both autonomy and great visibility into their business. Within the Agent’s dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor your performance, metrics, commissions, revenue share, equity awards, transactions and more.

Marketing Centre- 5,000 Templates

Whether you need a quick postcard or a full presentation, the EXP Marketing Center has it all. You can edit marketing material within minutes. In fact, when a new listing is added to your MLS, you’ll get an email with marketing items already created automatically for your listing.

Exp World-the Metaverse

Welcome to EXP World, our three dimensional, virtual, cloud based office environment. Meet, learn and collaborate with agents and staff from anywhere. With an Internet connection, join a meeting or training within a community via your phone, tablet or computer anywhere, anytime. In EXP World, agents get real time “live support” from our over 400 full time staff members, access over 80 hours of live
training weekly. In EXP World, our training focuses on industry best practices, how to grow profitable real estate, business, professional development, and much more. These sessions are taught not only by our highly experienced training Department professionals, but also by our Top Producing Agents and
teams from around the world.

Facebook Workplace

Exp Realty agents have access to Workplace by Facebook, which is a dedicated and secure working space to connect, communicate and collaborate with other agents and EXP staff. You’ll be able to use familiar Facebook features like newsfeed groups, messages and events to get things done quickly and
efficiently. The “Chat” features allows you to quickly connect with Agents and their referrals, as well as have your questions answered by the eXp staff.

Working From An Office

Exp understands that some agents enjoy the office setting from time to time, which is why EVERY agent at EXP gets a global membership to Regis shared offices in their new brand spaces.

Regis offers 3000 office locations in over 900 cities in 120countries. So an office space is never too far from you.

Build Wealth, Build a Secure Future For Your Family &
Prepare for Retirement

Every agent at EXP has the opportunity to become a shareholder in EXP World Holdings, earn equity awards for closing your first transaction each year, capping each year and every time an agent you attract joins EXP and does their first transactions.

Our agent equity program helps agents prepare for retirement. You can elect to take 5% of your gross
Commission per transaction and buy the company’s stock at a 10% discount. Our ticker symbol is EXPI.
*Note that some stock awards are subject to vesting.

ICON Agent Program

Exp’s ICON agent program is unmatched within the industry. Our founder, Glenn Sanford strongly believes that top producing agents should be rewarded for their contribution.

There are two ways to qualify for ICON status. $5,000 paid in post-Cap transaction fees or $500,000 annual GCI with a minimum of ten closed transactions.

When you achieve ICON status, you’ll receive 100% of your Cap that you paid to EXP back in the form of company stock, essentially putting you at a 100% Commission split.

Revenue-Sharing Program

One of the most exciting aspects of our compensation plan is our revenue sharing model, which allows you to build a monthly leveraged income by attracting productive agents to the company.

Do Agents have to attract other agents to exp? Of course not, but wouldn’t you want to share your amazing company culture, collaborative work environment, limitless opportunities for growth and the bonus revenue opportunity with your friends in real estate?.

The Revenue Sharing Model Overview

Here’s a breakdown of how the revenue sharing model works. Tier 1 contains the agents that you personally attracted to the brokerage for each transaction. On this tier, you’ll get 3.5% of their total Commission. This amount is taken out of EXP’s 20%, NOT out of the agent’s 80% Commission. Once the
agent has hit their annual cap, they start receiving 100% of their commissions. You therefore no longer receive income from their deals for the remainder of the year, which is why the Max you can earn on this tier per agent is $2,800.

You have the ability to earn this revenue on all 7 tiers, but it’s contingent upon how many agents you’ve personally attracted to the brokerage and their level of production.

For example, if you attract 5 producing agents, you earn exponential share in commissions on tier One and tier Two, which are agents that your tier one agents attracted.

If you attracted 10 producing agents, you earn exponential share in commissions on Tier 1, Tier 2, and also on Tier 3, which are agents that your Tier 2 agents attracted.

On Tiers 4-7, you’ll still receive a reduced sharing Commission, which is called our Expansion Sharing.

Create Monthly Leveraged Income (Leverage is the name
of the game)

So let’s go through a quick example of how you can create a monthly leveraged income through the revenue share program.

SCENARIO: You personally attract 5 Agents who reach their “Cap”. Then, each of those 5 agents attract 5 “Capping” agents of their own, giving you 5 agents of Tier 1 and twenty- five agents on Tier 2. For the five Capping agents on Tier One, you earn up to $2800 for each agent. And for the 25 Capping agents on Tier 2, you earn up to $3200 for each agent, giving you an annual leveraged income of up to $94,000.
*Note that these figures are based on each one of these agents “Capping”, which is approximately selling $3.2 million of real estate per year with an average commission of 2.5%.

Fees/Splits & Cap

You’ll never pay a desk fee, royalty fee or franchise fee. Every agent is treated equally and is on an 80/20 split which “caps” each year at $16,000. You then receive 100% Commission for the remainder of your anniversary year.

Here’s the amazing part…

It’s only $149 to join EXP and that includes your first month’s $85 brokerage fee. There’s a $25 broker review fee and a $40 risk management fee. The risk management fee caps at $500 each year.

One more Savings for your Wallet…

Exp has also added a lowcost healthcare alternative. A private health plan for those Agents who don’t have this opportunity.

Ready to start your real estate career with the best forward-thinking Real Estate company?

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