Agent Support Misconceptions about eXp Realty

“Will I have the support I need when I’m in the middle of a deal?”

“Will I have the support of a managing broker?” 

“Who will I go to to ask questions?” 

These are all questions that are frequently asked by Realtors exploring eXp Realty Brokerage. One of the most amazing aspects about eXp Realty is the entire communication system that they’ve built is centred around support for the Agent. You actually have more access to support and questions being answered for you than you get at your current brokerage.

How do I know that it’s better? Because I know how other traditional brokerages communicate with their agents and the time it takes to get a question answered by a manager.  The reason eXp is a great communicator with their Agents is because there are always FOUR ways to get a question answered. Yes! Thats right, agents have 4 different types of communication method to ask a question, get support, get the help they need they need with a contract and so much more. 

We use a platform called Facebook Workplace where you can email someone, send  a Facebook workplace Messenger chat with them, call them, or you can actually go into a “virtual room” in our eXp World Metaverse and sit in front of a manager or admin and ask your question.  FOUR different ways of finding just one person for support. Now, isn’t this a more efficient way of running your real estate business?

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